Regular and ‘drop in’ attendance is available, as well as introductory reduced-rate taster sessions for new service users.

Regular Daily Sessions are like Nursery/Club places, offered as an allocated place, in that Service Users commit to attending throughout the year, but can change this arrangement at any time giving just one month notice.

This regularity enables us to properly staff and tailor activities for those Service Users attending. Service Users with this arrangement get preferential tariff rates, usually at the Local Authority recommended rate of £50 for a 5/6 hour session.
(This fee includes lunches & activities/entrance fees).

Ad-hoc attendance is also welcome, Service Users accessing our services on this basis, i.e. dipping in and out of services, will be charged an extra £10 per session, though places cannot be guaranteed.

£25 Taster Sessions
Service Users new to our services will be offered a total of 4 Taster Sessions within a 2 month period (2 sessions each month for 2 months). This £25 per session covers activity costs.

One to one support will incur additional support costs and/or P.A. costs particularly on Long Day Outings, Sleepovers and Residentials.

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